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We believe every person must hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

As a result of that belief, World in Need has as its goal to be a powerful influence for establishing Disciple-making churches that implement the Great Commission throughout the world. The location and number of churches established are strategically planned under the guidance of God’s Spirit.

World in Need Missionaries enable local churches and their leaders with knowledge and resources for multiplying growth long after World in Need’s presence expands into other regions. 

Specifically, we provide New Testament solutions to establish disciple-making, self- supporting, self-governing and self-multiplying local churches worldwide.

What makes these initiatives unique is that they are self-perpetuating. Once World in Need provides the basic resources, knowledge, and training to a local church, that church, with its own personnel and resources, will use the same New Testament solutions to continue the expansion in its own and other communities.

World in Need International,  is an American non-profit ministry recognized by the IRS as a 501©(3) tax-exempt organization. 

John Honeycutt, President

Dan Freeman, Board Member, Asian Director

Jon Wright, European Director


Office Address:

World in Need International

709 Bloom Street #120

Celebration, FL 34747


Mailing Address:

World in Need International

PO Box 470578
Celebration, FL 34747

Text or Call (800) 674-3234


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