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Fundraising Help

Ministry Resources

Administration Cost 2-3%

For those who minister, opportunities abound with World in Need International.  Get the Fundraising Tools you need, Ministry Resources, and Administrative Services with an average cost of 2-3% per month.

See a summary of the resources available below.  For more information, contact us.

Fundraising Services

  • Donation Processing

  • Text Giving

  • Website Design and Creation

  • Business Reply Giving Envelopes

  • Prayer Letter Service

  • Multiple Giving Page

  • Mobile Swipers

  • Search Optimization

  • Social Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Offer your Books or Products for Sale

  • Email Campaigns and Auto-Responders 

  • Online Giving in your Supporting Churches

  • Merchant Services with Business People

  • End of the Year Gifts

  • Crowd Funding

  • Gifts in Honor and Memorial

  • Mission Conference Displays


Advanced Fundraising

  • Deferred Giving

  • Giving of Cars, RVs’, Boats, etc. with only Two Clicks

  • Giving Stocks, Bonds, etc. with only Two Clicks

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Community Donations

  • Corporate Matching Fits

  • IRA Giving



Ministry Resources

  • Mobile Ministry App

  • Website Design and Creation

  • Secure Email Communication

  • Government Visas

  • Online Resources

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

  • Live Streaming of Meetings

  • Church Planting Resources

  • Market Place Evangelism Resources

  • Evangelism Resources

  • Discipleship Resources

  • Bible Institute Resources

  • Video Ministry

  • Tickets and Registration


Cost Saving/Administration Services

  • Assistants Time at Actual Cost

  • Receipts for Your Donors

  • Donation Building Software

  • World in Need App

  • Online Banking

  • International Wire Transfers

  • Donation Reports

  • Tax advisement

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